Marburae Art Gallery would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who has visited our Art Exhibitions. Below is some of the comments about the Art Exhibitions that have previously been held at Marburae Art Gallery and we look forward to many more to come! 



Ann Robertson  
  Possibly the best show I have been too - real variety and high quality
  Interesting & emotive works
  Marcelina, we love the girl on the bike!
 Jennie  Kate's work is so delicate and thought provoking
  Loving Marcelina's work
  Great show - really enjoyed the quality and variety
  Meghan Marriott-Lowe's work was really impressive and outstanding - I loved reading the written work which related perfectly to the images - good work
 Clay  Pauline Woolley & Nicola Davison Reed - great photography!
 Natasha Acton
  Philip Woolway & isabel pearce's works were amazing and very inspiring.
 unknown  Some beautiful pieces, very impressed and loved Samuel Devereux's work - amazing
  Yet again an interesting and diverse exhibition, old skills with a new twist - excellent!
 Maxwell  Thanks for Invite! Great show!
 Agnew  Super exhibition! Fantastic selection of works!
 Lucas  Great place and some great work
 Gibson  Very good exhibition
 Cowell  lovely varied exhibition, well displayed
 Leity  Lovely to see old methods of print producing such a wide variety of results in such a skillful and interessting manner.
 worth  very interessting exhibition - what a great variety of work also glad I perservered with finding Marburae House!
 unknown  Striking and fantastic art mixed with beautiful pianos - Briliant
 unknown  An interessting mix, art and pianos work well!
 Barbara  beautiful ceramics and paintings
 Alex  Awsome artwork, great variation - Loving the pianos too!
 Helen  Knocked over!
 Simon  Marvellous experience 
 Deborah  wonderful exhibition as ever!
 unknown  Fantastic work - Love the King Kong photos
 Barbara Fabulous 
 unknown            I love Del
 Jessica Some beautiful work! very inspiring and nice to see some great talent being shown off!
 Jane  This is the busiest show Cheshire Open Studios has had!
 Jane birch
  another excellent exhibition in an exciting & exceptional space
 Clare & peter
  Motivational, varied and enjoyable
 Mitchell  Enjoyable exhibition - lovely work
 cossion  Fantastic. Brilliant colours and more muted tones. Loved Fox Bay
 Gannon  Good art in varying forms
 Barlow  Nicely curated in terms of tonal range and subject matter
 A  One of the best exhibitions for a long time! well done
 Stubbs  Another fantastic exhibition with variety - Brilliant
 Dearden  The art is really good, outstanding,  fantastic
 Rivett  V interesting and inspiring exhibition
 P Beattie
  Great exhibit and variety! wonderful!
 L Beattie
  Superb exhibition. Great works well done
  Some really inspiring art - thanks
Cathy Mark Sheeky - just great!
 Tonge   Fantastic exhibition, found it really inspirational, Thank you!
 S Mackian
  It is a fantastic exhibition, I really enjoyed it!
 Yearsley  Fabulous
 D Gill
 Fi  Great night last night at Marburae Gallery for the Steve Thornhill exhibition at Focus. Good times, laughter, inspiring works of art surrounded by like minded people. 
 A Corke  It was a giggle, Great Crowd
 Turnbull Brilliant work shown in a lovely space with the pianos. Loved it - taken away inspiration!!
 Dave  Some great pics
 Hodgskiss  A lovely exhibition space
 A R  Some great work
 Blackshaw   Great Exhibition! Fantastic work, really inspirational, Thank you 
 Jane   Thanks, really nice mix of photos and music
Arnold & Monty    We rode from Manchester to get here! Good show
 Pollock    Thoroughly exnjoyable exhibition
 Weir    Amazingly satisfying and the 3D images were fab!
 Jones    Impressive range of work, surprising, witty & satisfyingly weird
 Cawley    I really loved Greg Meade's work
 Hudson    Enjoyed the double/triple exposed, 3D work! As well as Davide Maione and Marcia Michael
 Davenport   Just got back from the exhibition and I wanted to say it was absolutely brilliant. The most diverse photography exhibition I have seen in a long time. 
 Law   I just wanted to congratulate you on putting on a great exhibition last night.  There was some fantastic work there, the 3D images in particular were very impressive, and such a wide variety.  It's also great to see an exhibition devoted exclusively to photography, nice one.
 Meade    Great to see some of the photography work on exhibition 3-D stuff was cracking
 Gibson    Thanks for all your hard work, brilliant evening
 Whuldon    Very enjoyable and impressive
 Cane  Wonderful images in a peaceful surrounding - Thank you!
 Danni   Really inspiring
 Dentth  Excellent wide range of genre and some outstanding quality 
 Bennett  Very interesting, great light as exhibition moved upstairs
 Pat  Love it! Butterfly photos me me love! Thanks for this exhibition 
 Alison & Richard  Great to see some great photography in Macclesfield
 From San Diego!
 Colin  Great venue, good luck!
 Sally  Love the book transformations
 Chris  Great space, some great work too, a couple of artists to keep an eye on! well done!
 Julia    sorry to have missed the gallery opening, great show!
 Judy  Inspirational exhibition - venue fantastic
 Chris  Absolutely stunning artwork - all very talented people, hope we can see more
 Lucy  Vebers works on stairs rather beautiful! quite textily
 jo  Fantastic! such variety. Particularly loved the textured work of Sabine. Thanks!
 Claire  Really wonderful! have really enjoyed taking some time to savor this exhibition.
 Sue  Amazing! loved the book transformation pieces! Many thanks
 Madeline  Fantastic art!
 Graham  Thought provoking
  Interesting work, wonderful to see quality artists on display in Macclesfield! great gallery space too.
 Condyn Magazine  An interesting & innovating exhibition
 fawcett  Lovely to see this new space.
 Quinn  Wonderful - I love the pom poms & sorry I had to have a squeeze
   Fun! Thanks, left my pom pom baby to join in!
 Kirwin  Love the dangling mobiles
 Dillon  Glad to find you here; didnt know about you; like the macabre tales and the drawing of the soldier. What a great idea with the piano recital.
 Money  What a great mix of Artwork, very enjoyable.
Murphy  Fantastic music and beautiful art! lovely Sunday!
Mascavenlas  Gorgeous Pom Poms and hanging lacy extravaganza!
 Simon  I had no idea this place existed, brilliant, I will come again!
 Holbrads  Another great exhibition.
 Graham  Loved it! so interesting to see how the themes have been explored by the different artists. 
 White  Fabulous pom pom forest! especially loved Adam Quinn
 Fielder  Wonderful collection of art - fascinating re info of caterpillars and traffic wardens. Thank you!
 Bell  Good display though large pictures poorly hung
 ward  Really interesting, glad to have found the gallery.
 Alex  Amazing artwork, very interesting concepts
 Helen  what an interesting, awesome place, love the art, especially the installations, see you again soon.
 Bethany  Thank you for letting me gain fantastic work experience, I look forward to learning more from you.
 Alex  Brilliant exhibition, love the art, especially 'wish you were here' very uplifting, friendly atmosphere. will come again.
 Brian & Yvonne  Another diverse and interesting exhibition staged here - well done - time Macc had more venues like this with different exhibits rather than safe tried & tested displays. 
 Neil  Interesting exhibition. An unusual collection of styles but the genre is excellent, particularly liked the felt 
 Heather  Gave me lots to think about. Particularly liked the Damien Hirst critiques & the 'Wish you were here' I am from a seaside town so it is spot on! 
 Malcolm  First Class! 
 Lorna  Excellent show - well done!
 Julie   Great space!
 Jay  very impressive gallery - loved matthew spencer
 Jane   enlightened, enlightening and alive, thank you for what you off to art and macclesfield in this space
 stephen  can't think of a single artwork that i didn't love or be facinated by. thank you very much. 
 Adam  Does it again! Excellent work!
 Clare  lovely to see creative energy collected and shown in macc. 
 Miles  wonderful walls - loved Sally Henman's birds
 Emily  Fantastic evening, thank you! we loved the exhibition, so much inspirational and thought provoking work. And really proud moment to see my works on display and one sold already! 
 Julie  Great exhibition, I love your new extensions downstairs with the opening of the space. It looks really good! Well done!
 Sandra  Love the gallery, inspirational and impressive!
 Heather  Lots of variety, lots to talk about
 Hazel  really enjoyed the exhibition
 Michael  Fantastic space - lovely exhibition!
 R.Davenport  Brill gallery, a little gem in the heart of Macclesfield
 P Worpole  Brut Carniollus and Nicola Davison Reed were my favourites! good exhibition!!
 M Barrow  Amazing show at the Marburae gallery last night. Vast amounts of work. Good job Guys!
 Sam Bailey  Go to Marburae Art Gallery at some point in the next month to see the amazing 'focus' exhibition, Some amazing talent there and something for me to aspire to now I have switched from bridge to DSLR
 S Walker  Just got back from Marburae Art Gallery and Lumi Studios where there is an amazing photographic exhibition on display. Time now foe a glass of vino and Dallas catch up! 
 J Bentley  A great exhibition! Do go see this varied display of photographs, really impressive works in a great gallery
 C Eccleston  A Great Show! Do go see this wonderfully varied display of photographers art
 S Thornhill 

 Just wanted to say from me to the rest of the team at Marburae Gallery for putting on a great exhibition launch last night, the place was 'buzzing'

 Especially wanted to say thanks for my great space smack bang in the middle room, awesome, so pleased with the whole feel of it.

I hope to pop in many times over the next few weeks hopefully dragging in new people each time!  

 J Walter  I thought the show looked great
 G Barber  Here for the focus exhibition, very good!
 V & G  Pleasantly surprised - liked the Dave Butcher photos and the pianos!
 B Law  Yet again another diverse collection of images - Brill!
 J Maree  Awesome! Loved It!
 J L-Eccleston  Great - a really good show, and what is fast becoming a real community asset - the Marburae Gallery is attracting bigger and more diverse audiences with everything it does, from music to painting to photography and artist studios - hoping they might branch out into sculpture soon! 
 R Potherb  We came at the weekend. Very impressed with the variety and the quality of the work. Well done. 
 John Noel
  Fantastic range of art and music.
 Helen  Very much admired the two Lloyd Hughes absracts.
 Tom Lewis
  Great to see local stuff!
T Burcham
 Abolutley marvelous. The art was great. Loved it.
 Liz Bownes
  Really enjoyed veiwing.
 Wendy Efflaender
 Intreguing & different. Like the childhood memories/paper cut-outs. Fired and inspired me - Thank you.
 Rick Plant
  Great exhibition - will look out for future exhibitions.