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We've really gone and done it this time, hunting high and low for the most interesting, individual contemporary artists and photographers for you to feast your eyes upon at Marburae Gallery.

For out next trick (or exhibition!), we've got a substantial serving of artwork for all your different visual preferences so you are sure to see something in our Select exhibition which will pull at your arty hearty strings. With painters, figurative and abstract alike, sculptors, sketchers, CAD's and photographers we've ruled nothing out as an option.

Among the selection we have a handful of pieces by Mark Lloyd, featured artist in Saatchi gallery, New Sensations 2012, who has based his work on numerous subjects and contexts which include consumption, human evolution, science fiction, utopia and dystopia, and the apocalypse. Lloyd has a versatile style which could be initially unexpected, such as when you view the works in figurative, graffiti and abstract and gets it perfect every time the 'wow factor becomes blatantly obvious.

Another outstanding artist among many is Hannah Wooll who will be showcasing at the prestigious Bluecoat in August. Working in acrylic and using it figuratively, emphasising on emotions such as pain and distance, Wooll creates portraits of her imaginary women, paying respects to female art subjects in time and more recently, models in the media. She is heavily influenced by an extensive list of era/objects such as plastic dolls, society heiresses, Gainsborough's Girls and German old master blondes to name a few.

Furthermore and none the less, we have included a colourful injection of work by Germany-based artist Richard Alexander Heckert. Working on a massive scale of around 50x70cm, Heckert uses only fine liner to emulate in almost digital representation of his imagination. The pure skill and patience involved in this way of working is well worth a sneak peak if nothing else!

Of course, this is just to mention only three out of the 16 artists who will be showcasing in this exhibition so no matter what your taste in the arts - it is well worth the visit! We hope to see you there!

The big opening for the exhibition will take place at Marburae Art Gallery at 7.30pm - 9.00pm on 5th September 2013. The exhibition will run from 6th September until 11th October 2013. For more information please visit or follow the gallery on Twitter @artinmacc. 

Marburae Art Gallery is a new space in Macclesfield dedicated to national and international contemporary visual Arts.



Exhibition open evening:

 5th September 2013:  7.30pm - 9pm 

Exhibition dates:               

6th September - 11th October 2013



Marburae Gallery, Athey Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 6QU      

Monday - Saturday  9.30am - 4.00pm   

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Hannah Williamson | London | Mixed media artist

Paul Worpole | Manchester | Full - time photographer

Simon Woolham | Macclesfield | Studies concerning narratives and space

Hannah Wooll | Macclesfield | Showcasing at the Bluecoat

Mark Lloyd | Bournemouth | Profiled in Saatchi Gallery's New Sensations 2012

Klaus Pinter | Austria | Installation artist

Nicola Mastroserio | Italy | Abstract artist

Richard Alexander Heckert | Germany | Graphic/graffiti artist

Lloyd Hughes | Leicester | Paper installation artist

Claire McDermott | London | Sculpture artist

Helen Brough | London | Winner of Prix de Rome prize

Hannah Young | Macclesfield | Works in a range of photography fields

Jo Mair | New Zealand | Photography of American scenes

Angela Tait  & Ian Clegg | Pennines | Sculptor referencing to childhood

Marielle Hehir |Manchester | Abstract surrealism

Adam Schofield | Cheshire| Photographer & painter