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Image Conscious | Photography exhibition


Liz Sterry                                         Phillip Woolway                  Natalie Whithurst


Marburae Gallery's photography exhibitions are always a big hit in Cheshire and the Gallery is proud to present a cutting edge contemporary photography for the first exhibition of the New Year.  Bringing together 14 of the most innovative photographers from across the country with wild subject matter and techniques.


Image Conscious, is an exhibition focused solely on the art of Photography. It brings work from local and national photographers working in both traditional and contemporary photography methods.  The exhibition hosts a variety of themes, some tongue in cheek for example Mocksim's 'Mini Solo' based on couriers signing for deliveries and Natalie Whithurst's playful layering in her series of works 'Into the Night' based upon children's dreams. 

For those who love the nostalgic we have the stunning black and white works of Marc Byram, scenes of yesteryear Blackpool and the glorious  deep black and white cityscapes and details from Graeme Lowe.


We are excited to bring the eclectic and almost surgical works of Phillip Woolway, weird collections of objects captured in such a way they are almost considered 'Steampunk' and Liz Sterry's haunting imagery, made even more surreal when the viewer discovers many are self portraits!


Marburae is also ensuring that it keeps to it's roots by showcasing the work of the Macclesfield College photography students during the Image Conscious exhibition. Working closely with the college in this way allows the students to elevate their photography and gain valued experience whilst exhibiting in a professional environment.


The team at Marburae are always excited to present the photography exhibitions as the reaction and support  from the public to the subject is brilliant!


The big opening for the exhibition will take place at Marburae Art Gallery at 7.30pm - 9.00pm on 6th February 2014. The exhibition will run from 6th February until 9th March 2014. For more information please visit or follow the gallery on Twitter @artinmacc. 

Marburae Art Gallery has been described as one of the most cutting edge galleries in Cheshire. Based in Macclesfield  the gallery is dedicated to national and international contemporary visual Arts.



Exhibition open evening:  

February 6th 2014:  7.30pm - 9pm

Exhibition dates:       

February 6th 2014 - 9th March 2014


Marburae Gallery, Athey Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 6QU      

Monday - Saturday  9.30am - 4.00pm   

Admission Free

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