Nine Artists from around the world have been selected for Marburae Gallery's latest art exhibition Abstracted. The Art Gallery is fast becoming recognised for exhibiting work by award winning contemporary Artists and the latest exhibition is no exception.

The outstanding exhibition plays with the theme abstraction, which Kaite Helps, the Gallery Director, believes is a fundamental principle of creativity. "Abstraction manifests in many different ways in Art and this exhibition will present the key principles, from Abstraction of objects and abstraction of the image all the way through to the abstraction of the materials that the artworks are created with"

The nine Artists have been chosen based on their individual and playful approach to the theme. Book Transformations by Kate Bufton is a charming example of this, an installation of cut, folded and distorted books, which encourages the audience to read between the lines. The use of everyday objects by some of the artists in the exhibition brings the viewer full circle from abstraction to reality.

To catch a glimpse of Book Transformations and other outstanding works at the Abstracted exhibition visit Marburae Gallery on Athey Street, Macclesfield.

The Abstracted exhibition open evening will take place at 7.00pm - 9.00pm on May 3rd 2012. The exhibition will run from 4th May until 1st June 2012 and will be open whilst the Olympic Torch passes through Macclesfield. For more information please visit www.artinmacclesfield.co.uk

Marburae Art Gallery is a new space in Macclesfield dedicated to contemporary visual Arts.