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Four | Four contemporary visual art exhibition, one location


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Marburae Art Gallery is promising big things for this years Barnaby Festival, Four contemporary visual arts exhibitions in one location and each is set to be a show stopper in it's own right!

With this year's festival being the biggest and longest yet, Marburae Art Gallery has stepped up to the challenge and are providing art lovers and music lovers alike with a real feast by artists and photographers from across the UK.

Jason, Bumper & Del

Jason is an ongoing photographic project by Manchester based photographer Alexander James Bell. Influenced by photographers like Darcy Padilla, Jason follows the relationship between Jason; a Manchester based homeless man and his dogs. The unfolding narrative is both joyful and upsetting.

Sound as I see it 

Immersive installation by nationally acclaimed visual artist and composer Marc Yeats. The installation combines music and visual arts, exploring glazes and tonal effects both in the work itself and in the music that accompanies it. Marc Yeats will also have a composition performed by Australian Pianist, Tristan Lee within the installation space during the Barnaby festival.


London based photographer Roman Sakovich has received publicity both sides of the Atlantic for Half. A photographic project highlighting the drastic physical effects of substance abuse and the tale of two half in a person's personality. "These photos are not a merge of two images into one" Sakovich explains, using top make up artists and stylists, Roman has kept his project in camera rather than post production, with chilling results!


A selection of two-dimensional works in photography, drawing, collage that has formed a part of Macclesfield born Sam Devereux's wider practice whilst studying at Glasgow School of Art over the past year.

Asking questions, to what extent can we see the processes of making as transpersonal? And how can making continue to question this, in a world so ever-increasingly dominated by the image?

With each of the Four exhibitions a narrative unfolds and manifests and is sure to delight visitors to the Barnaby Festival. This years festival has over 100 exhibitions and events in 38 locations and has received funding by the Arts Council England. 

The big opening for all four exhibitions will take place at Marburae Art Gallery at 6.00pm - 9.00pm on 14th June 2013. The exhibition will run from 15th June until 21st July 2013. For more information please visit or follow the gallery on Twitter @artinmacc. 

Marburae Art Gallery is a new space in Macclesfield dedicated to national and international contemporary visual Arts.



Exhibition open evening:  

14th June 2013:  6-9pm

Exhibition dates:               

14th June - 21st July 2013


Marburae Gallery, Athey Street, Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK11 6QU      


Monday - Saturday  9.30am - 4.00pm   

& Sundays 16th, 23rd & 30th June                                                                    

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Kaite Helps,


Marc Yeats | Dorset | Nationally acclaimed composer and visual artist

Sam Deveroux | Macclesfield | Student at Glasgow school of Art

Roman Sakovich | London based photographer

Alexander James Bell | Manchester based photographer





Barnaby Festival 2013 

Four exhibitions hosted at Marburae Art Gallery:  

Exhibition open evening:  

14th June 2013:  6 - 9pm

Exhibition dates:               

15th June - 20th July 2013

'Sound As I See It' by Marc Yeats


Marc Yeats is a nationally renowned composer and artist. As his talents span the two art forms that Marburae art gallery and Shackleford Pianos is all about. As such, we have asked him to compose a piano recital alongside a collection of his artworks to be showcased over the Barnaby Festival. 

Exhibition Title: Sounds As I See It

Marc has a special interest in communicative, challenging work that pushes boundaries, including immersive installations combining music, visual art, dance, word and digital media.

For sound as I see it Marc will be showing works that employ methods of painting that investigate chance and random effects. The works have been created through glazes and tonal densities, so as to explore the relationship between time, event (subject material), and space. The installation will also have sound loops and Marc states that in music, all elements are set in time and against a background of silence or non-event. The paintings therefore visualise the sound loops that Marc has composed.

Marc is currently Chair of DIVAcontemporary in Dorset. DIVAcontemporary is an artist-led organisation committed to creativity and experimentation in the arts and practice-based research, working internationally, nationally and locally.

With a core development team of practicing artists, producers and curators, DIVAcontemporary has extensive expertise across the creative and cultural industries. 

Marc is also a founding partner of SATSYMPH, (composer and visual artist Marc Yeats; poet, writer and context-aware media director and producer, Ralph Hoyte; and coder, composer and audio engineer Phill Phelps). SATSYMPH compose 'context aware soundworlds' - located high quality contemporary soundscape experiences outside in the real world triggered by GPS (satellite) signals. 

Marc is composer-in association with Thumb Ensemble (Birmingham UK), Manchester Pride (Manchester UK), and most recently, Chamber Cartel, (Atlanta US).

His visual art has been exhibited and collected across the UK and abroad. He has paintings in the collections of several public galleries in Scotland including An Tobar, An Tuireann and The Pier Art Centre, Orkney.


'Jason' Alex Bell:

Jason is an ongoing photographic project by photographer Alexander James Bell. 

Largely influenced by photographer Darcy Padilla, Jason follows the relationship between a homeless man (Jason) and his dog.

 The project is 'time based' and as to state the obvious, it will only unfold and manifest across weeks and months as Alexander spends more time with Jason and their lives go on.

Alexander is a 2nd year photography student at Manchester Metropolitan university. 


'Works' Sam Deveroux

Samuel Devereux, born in Macclesfield, is now based in Glasgow, Scotland.

He is currently studying Sculpture and Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art.

For the exhibition at Marburae Art Gallery, Samuel presents a body of two-dimensional works, in varying media that have formed a part of his wider practice over the past year.

Sam asks the questions to what extent can we see the processes of making as transpersonal experience? And how can making continue to question, in a world so ever-increasingly dominated by the image?

A selection of 2d works and photography (taken using a Mamiya camera) will be used to explore these questions. 



'Half' Roman Sakovich  

Roman Sakovich born in 1986, studied photography at the Arts University College at Bournemouth (former Arts Institute at Bournemouth) graduating in 2011 and residing in London at the moment.

The majority of his work investigates the development of an evolving post-Soviet society and the attendant cultural changes in a progressive world.

Capturing it in the way he sees it, shaped by his multi-cultural upbringing.

About Barnaby Festival:

Due to popular demand, this year's Barnaby Art Trail will run for just over a fortnight, from Friday 14 June - Sunday 30 June. (The festival itself takes place from Friday 21 - Sunday 23 June.)


Anna Riordan, the Visual Arts Coordinator explains: "This year we wanted to take full advantage of all the fabulous art we showcase at the festival. We know from previous experience that a lot of hard work goes into making and exhibiting work so by extending the Art Trail we can give more people more time to enjoy everything on show."


The Barnaby Art Trail has gained a reputation for exhibiting artwork in unusual and quirky spaces and places around Macclesfield town centre, including King Edward Street Chapel and the Savage Tower adjacent to St Michael's Church in Market Place.


Barnaby Festival Trustee, Aileen McEvoy, says: "Our aim is to encourage people to explore the town and see it with a fresh eye. Last year, we had over 40 Visual Arts exhibitions, including textile rooks in King Edward Street Chapel, silk cocoons in Paradise Mill, and boxes of secrets in the Savage Tower. I'm looking forward to seeing what creative treats are in store for Barnaby Art Trail 2013."